Benefits and opportunities of the Ecosystem

It saves on public lighting and maintenance costs, it creates value and generates recurring revenues with ultra-low transactions costs for cities and municipalities.


It is an open architecture that allows stakeholders to roll out applications that make optimal use of the system’s features. It opens up a flood of applications, allowing for residential-scale internet-of-things networks in communities and more.

It offers multipurpose city poles and pop-up chargers for drivers who have to park their cars on the inner-city streets with a dynamic load management system for distributing the available charging power across all the electrical vehicles connected.

It offers the prospect of a 5G  city net with small cells to be configured to the cities’ specific needs and that ensure capacity for emergency communications and services. The small cells are addressing health-related concerns that citizens may have when exposed to macro cells  5G radiation levels.


It allows cities and municipalities to join the liveable-city movement, which aims to  improve living conditions of the residents by banishing cars to carparks on the outskirts of town while driverless 5G shuttles take the city’s residents to the carpark and back.

It relies on blockchain-based micro payment technology for ultra-low transaction costs and near instant settlement. It simplifies payment processes and provides a 100% protection against fraud with no ability to reverse any transaction.