Power-Data Network

Power-Data Network

Key Features

Power-Data Network

The power-data network forms the backbone of the city of tomorrow.

It is an essential part of any deployment scheme. The network offers optical fibre data, radio, WiFi , 5G and IoT connectivity.

Optical fiber data connectivity

The backbone’s data channel secures the swift transfer of real-time information between the CityPoles and the application servers at an optimal signal quality. In addition to higher speeds, fiber-optic connectivity is simpler, reliable and less expensive to operate and maintain.

IoT connectivity

The digital CityPoles can be fitted with certified built-in video and audio camera’s,  air quality, temperature, humidity and proximity sensors which feeds back to a blockchain technology based digital IoT marketplace. 

Radio connectivity

The digital CityPole incorporates multiple small band radio data communication links that provide  service connectivity between marketplace, street and  building equipment, vehicles and users.

WiFi connectivity.

The digital CityPoles accommodates fibre backhaul connectivity and may incorporate either a back-haul/gateway unit or a repeater unit. The WiFi antennas are placed 5-8m above groundlevel and have generally a  coverage range between 10 to 50 meters.

5G small cell connectivity

The digital CityPole accommodates fiber backhaul connectivity and  incorporates a low power 5G radio which can provide gigabit speeds over the air. These low power 5G radios are placed 5-8m above groundlevel and have generally a range of a few 100 meters, called 5G small cell connectivity.