EV pop-up Charge station

EV pop-up Charge Station

Key Features

EV pop-up Charge Station

About 30% of citizens have access to a garage or private driveway; meaning 7 out of 10 electric car owners may not be able to recharge their car using a private charger.

—Our solution  responds to the increasing concern about the rise of street-furniture and pavement clutter is a twin-socketed pop-up charger for curb side charging.

  • The charge point delivers up to 22 kW at each socket and retracts fully underground when not in use. Once retracted, it is only noticeable by an illuminated ring to show its location


  • An App is used to initiate the charging process by reading the charging station’s QR code. The App shows how long your car has charged, how much power it's received, an estimate of the miles gained, and the cost.


  • A dynamic load management system distributes the available charging power across all the electrical vehicles connected.

  • On request, the charging poles can provide ambient pavement lighting at night.

  • Over time, V2G will offer the possibility for large scale energy storage, as electric vehicle batteries are by far the most cost-efficient form of energy storage for the city, since they require no additional investments on hardware.