"Strong, effective and aligned partnerships are the key to project success. These partnerships are essential to realizing the vision for the future smart city. This collaborative effort provides a deep understanding of what is needed for livable cities."  Jan Callewaert, CEO

Mohamed Ridouani, Mayor of Leuven

 "The City of Leuven fully supports the project.  Leuven was recently selected as European Innovation Capital  2020; this is a great example of how we bring ideas to life. We have the necessary framework to turn ideas into reality, with an extensive ecosystem of talented partners and innovative business models. Leuven will drive the construction of the new infrastructure to make Leuven and  Flanders more intelligent and more digitized".

Koen Debackere, Leuven Research and Development

"This is not only an important technology for the city of Leuven, but for many cities in Flanders and far beyond. It works, it is proven, so the technology can also be exported abroad. That is important for the region."

Johan Thijs, CEO, KBC Group

 "Sustainable urban development is very close to the heart of an institution like KBC. It has a great deal of experience in providing friendly, reliable and convenient solutions that make customers' lives easier. This experience was very useful in developing a model that could handle both the settlement of transactions and data. KBC was selected as a trusted party because of its regulatory expertise and knowledge of blockchain applications.

Hilde Crevits, Flemish Minister of Economy, Innovation and Work:

"The Digital City Pole of Tres fits completely within the story of being able to integrate charging points for electric cars in the digital lighting poles.

The Flemish government makes such an initiative possible through the energy spearhead cluster FLUX50. This initiative of TRES is a warm call to all application builders to work together with local governments and citizens to create a liveable city and municipality."

Suparno Banerjee, Head of Governments and Cities, Nokia

Enterprise said, "This ambitious project is a great example of the innovation potential that can be realized by connecting smart infrastructure through private wireless networks. In Leuven, the traditional streetlight now has the potential to transform into smart infrastructure - improving not only its own performance, but also future public facilities and services of the city that contribute to a sustainable digital society."